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Unlocking the Power of Blogs for Small Business Websites

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

All across the internet, you can find information promoting the value of blogs on websites. They say blogs are excellent information-providing platforms that can help you attain your business goals.

And if it's on the internet, it has to be true, right? Okay, maybe not so much. Except…

For this topic, it is absolutely true. No matter what you do or offer, blogs are multi-faceted content pieces that can:

  • Broaden your brand's visibility

  • Help you appear in search engine results

  • Display your credibility, trustworthiness, and authenticity

  • Engage readers and help people decide your organization is the one to do business with

Blogs can do much more than that, but in a survey of small business owners who were asked why they had a website up, Expert Market, a business consulting firm, found those were the top four recurring themes.

Small Business Owner or Planning a Start-up?

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, most new start-ups have no employees. The owner is flying solo, and many don't have business marketing experience. Does this describe you?

If so, you have lots of company. Many marketing concepts, tools, and plans exist today, and blogs would be included. This piece zeros in on why blogs should be on your website and how valuable they can be for you and your customers.

Not the Status Quo

The first website was launched on August 6, 1991, and interestingly, it instructed people on how to use the World Wide Web. Websites have changed a lot in the 30+ years since, and consumers have changed right along with them. Now, at their fingertips or via the spoken word, people can research anything. And they do.

New business website owners must realize that standard websites have evolved because internet users have evolved. People want to know more – now more than ever.

They're looking to be educated, which you can do, and it's an opportunity you want to take advantage of.

What Do People Want From a Website?

People still want product descriptions, appealing visuals, company and contact information, etc. However, effective websites tuned in to today's consumers offer more. They provide answers to unasked questions – questions that might not even cross a new business owner’s mind.

People want to know:

  • Why is your service or product better than the other guy's?

  • Is it more effective?

  • Easier to use?

  • Why should they spend their money with you?

  • Are you credible?

  • Trustworthy?

  • Do you care about your customers?

And the list goes on.

If you want your business to stand out online, you should answer those questions and others like them.

Blogs will help you do that. And more.

What Are Business Blogs?

Blogs on business websites are content pieces that the owner publishes to provide information about their company, products, services, and even the industry they're in. Blogs help connect you and your customers. They are relationship-building platforms that positively promote your business.

People Do Read Them

Blogs are commonplace on websites whose owners put themselves in the shoes of their potential customers or clients – something every business owner should do. A well-written blog is informative and can be a bit entertaining, too. Having a series of updated blogs can engage your readers and keep them returning to your website.

Many people read blogs in the initial stages of researching a purchase or even before that. For example, they read them to find general information about how to complete a task at hand. That's the type of valuable information you can post that positively impacts your reader. People appreciate that and will appreciate you providing the information they sought.

While a blog is a form of advertising and marketing for your business, it doesn't include hard-sell content that will turn a reader away. A blog is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise. Doing so builds your credibility, which is especially important for a start-up business.

And it's essential to post a series of blogs and keep them updated. They are a form of consumer outreach that indicates your desire to connect with your customers and potential customers continually. Doing so fosters trust in your business.

Let's Wrap It Up

This piece aims to inform small business owners who may need some marketing guidance on the use and value of blogs on their websites. It's meant to get you thinking about them. Future posts will delve deeper into how they improve your website's visibility in search engines, the specific types of blogs, how they should be written, and other critical ways blogs can help you attain your business goals.

Have questions? Need help with blogs on your website? Click the button below and contact us! We're here to help your business succeed!

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