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Chip was my partner when I began

my copywriting journey.

John and His First Writing Partner, Chip.

Lizzie was my partner for the next several years.

John and His Second Writing Partner, Lizzie.

About Me, Gracie, Lizzie, Chip, & Blackie

Blackie is an old lab

who wasn't getting any looks at a local shelter. I had to adopt him.

Gracie & me.

Gracie and John

I'm John L. Cox.


I live in Southwest Colorado with Gracie, the sweetest Golden Retriever mix ever, and Blackie, who we recently welcomed to the team. We're next-door neighbors to Mesa Verde National Park, and our view is spectacular.


I was born and raised in Indianapolis and, for 30 years, served my communities in what I considered the best job in the world for me, law enforcement. I'm a graduate of the FBI National Academy, and I served as Chief of Police - twice.


My proudest achievement? I've never lost my love for people and helping them.

I did a ton of professional writing during my career and spearheaded many successful, complex projects - projects that were effective because they took some creativity to craft. 

Ultimately, those projects (And training - then and now.) elevated the skills I use today to the expert level. I've listed some of them over to the right - below if you're viewing mobile.


So, I'm using my talents to continue my life's mission to help people.


My training, experience, motivation, abilities, and enthusiasm are unique. I'm ready to guide your project into the port of success! Contact Gracie and me today! Let's team up and get the job done!


Oh, by the way, my dad used to say you can always trust a man who uses his middle initial.

  • Project Management

  • Research

  • Time Management and Meeting Deadlines

  • Team Building

  • Inter and Intra-Organizational Communications

  • Seeking, Receiving, and Implementing Input from Others

  • Conceptual and Critical Thinking

  • Project Evaluation and Retrofitting

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"Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration - the rest of us just
get up and go to work." -
Stephen King

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