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This is why the message...
LOVE helping nonprofits!
is on every page of our website.

My personality type is why "LOVE helping nonprofits" is on every page of our website!

John's personality type, the ENFJ.

First, I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to get the job done for you.


That said, think about it. What type of professional would you like to collaborate with? One that's hard to work with, maybe just in it for the money? Or the guy described below.

I believe in fostering warm, respectful, communicative relationships with people. Even in business. I have the best interests of others at heart because I want to see them succeed or be happy, and if I can help them do that - I will. It comes naturally to me.

Life's rough sometimes. If I can put a smile on someone's face, it warms my heart.


It's fun, actually. And I like to have fun. Working on a client's project and providing them with exactly what they want and need is very cool.

Again, my approach and the way I interact with people is an intangible that's easy, casual, enjoyable, and business as usual for me.

Of course, you have to decide if my spot-on personality type would be a valuable asset to you.

If so, reach out!

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"Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration - the rest of us just
get up and go to work." -
Stephen King

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