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My article on my efforts to

make "Buffett Parkway" a


An article that answers the

question: Should law firms use

client success stories on their websites?

Client's blog post discusses the advantages and considerations of privatized evidence storage.

Client's blog post discusses 

how regular audits improve management of evidence room inventories

Targeted brief email for consumers who can't sleep.

American Writers and Artists Institute prize-winning article - Unusual Thanksgiving Story.

Email touting the virtues of treating your arthritic dog with CBD tincture.

Email targeting those who want to quit smoking - written from a dollars & cents angle.

Follow-up/encouragement email for those in the smoking cessation program.

My blog post:

"A tribute to my BFF Chip."

Chip my writing partner.

My blog post:

"The Lizzie Blessing."

Lizzie my writing partner.
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